13 Best Bitcoin Earning App Android iPhone

Best Bitcoin Earning App Android : Today, smartphones play a very significant role te our lives. Wij use them from the time wij get up until wij go to bloembed to set the hulpgeroep clock, to listen to music, to play games, to read emails, to search on Google, to share photos on social networks and for many other aspects of everyday life.

Ter fact, you’ve very likely looked te Google ” apps to earn bitcoins ” (or something similar like earn bitcoin android app), and you’re reading this postbode from your smartphone. This is an example of the thousands of millions of searches carried out every day on the internet through mobile devices.

Companies and their specialized marketing teams are aware of this phenomenon, therefore, to increase their sales, their visibility or their proximity to the client optimize their websites by designing a mobile version of thesis or directly create Best Apps for IOS and Android.

Companies te the bitcoin world have not desired to stay out of this phenomenon of smartphones by launching te the supuesto stores of Google Play and AppleStore applications ter which users can earn free bitcoins.

Bitcoin Earning App Android or iPhone

The applications to earn bitcoins work based on a criterion of reciprocity: The apps obtain profits thanks to the advertising that you see when using them, and ter terugwedstrijd, they give you satoshis (bitcoin cents). Therefore, you do not wonder if many ads emerge while you use them. Most of the apps to win satoshis are joy mini-games, te which you advance more ter level, more bitcoins you receive. I leave you a accomplish list of the best apps to win free bitcoins available for both Android and IOS. I hope you have joy and at the same time, you get many bitcoins.

1. Bitcoin Hunter

With this application, you can hunt and win Bitcoins for free to obtain instantly our precious coins deposited ter our aparente mobile wallet. Te this application, you can use a maximum of Trio credits every 30 minutes. And if you are one of those who shares this type of information with others, the referrals te your account also bring benefits and profits. If you want to get Bitcoins lightly right now, just click and download this application.

Two. Bitcoin Billionaire For iPhone and Android

An excellent option for the bitcoin gamer. This application permits you to aparente mining bitcoin ter a imaginario world, with a hitting act of the screen that you will love. You commence spil a miner te an office behind a desk, and then you can customize your character and build your way to the billionaire riches te bitcoin. More than 86% of the votes give this application four starlets, and it has bot downloaded almost 1 million times.

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Three. Bitcoin Honey

With this application, you can choose any face and get fortunate and win up to 1000 bitcoins. Every time you win, the Bitcoins are instantaneously deposited ter your wallet. And the registration is fully free. But it is significant that you bear ter mind that this App transfers your Bitcoins earned te Xapo, so if you do not have an account ter this wallet, you vereiste open it to receive your winnings.

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Four. Bitcoin Alien

Bitcoin Alien is the Best Bitcoin Earning App te which you can win free satoshis by performing the available missions that consist of killing aliens. The aliens kill themselves te an effortless and prompt way because the only thing you have to do is to touch several times te a row the screen where you see the alien (moves across the screen) until you run out of life.

You can perform endless missions a day, and each mission has a different prize depending on the difficulty to kill the alien. By belonging to the same creators, the profits of the apps Bitcoin Alien, Blockchain, Alien Run, Abundance will be added among them so that the payout (ondergrens payment) will be much lighter to reach.

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Five. Wheel of Bitcoins

With this application, you just have to inject your Bitcoin email address and spin the wheel to be fortunate enough to win good prizes. This application is efectivo, and the Bitcoins generated and earned, are deposited directly to your imaginario wallet.

A trick that is usually used to make more money is to accumulate the profits to get the big pot, but it is certainly risky because spil well spil you can win, you can also lose. The prizes can be claimed every 30 minutes or one hour a day.



If you are the type of user that is always checking the price of cryptocurrencies (BTC / LTC), wij recommend taking a look at this widget developed by XBT Apps. It oversees many of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges, including Bitstamp, Bitfinex, BTC-e, BTC China and BitPay Best Bid. It permits to personalize alerts to shoot when there are big switches ter the market, and thus to be able to budge quickly.

7. Bitcoin Kienspel

Now you can attempt your luck, dual your victories, win Bitcoins and keuze them instantly. The only thing that you have to do is to have a lotsbestemming of tact when it comes to playing it since spil it is about random games, you are going to need strategies to generate more and more profits Best Bitcoin Earning App ndroid ios device.

Imagine how to play kienspel physically. The strategies are similar, only if you win, instead of making money you will win Bitcoins.

8. BITCOIN Schrijfmap

This application developed by Davide Gessa combines various opbergmap services to get information about bitcoin merchants te your area. Use OpenStreetMap, coinmap and Google Maps to find businesses te your area that sell goods and services ter bitcoin. It has done very well with users, but it is fairly fresh te the market. So it wasgoed just a classification of few users who give four starlets or more.

9. Blockchain Spel

Blockchain Spel is a Best Bitcoin Earning App spel te which you have to get to waterput one cube on top of another without making mistakes spil they budge quickly from right to left. When you reach a tower of Ten cubes, you can rechtsvordering your prize, or you can choose to proceed and attempt to reach the 20 cubes to get a fatter prize of bitcoins, and the process is repeated until you reach 100 cubes (greater prize).

I recommend stopping when you reach 60-70 cubes since reaching level 100 is very complicated.


Certainly, some of us are addicted to the price of Bitcoin against our restringido currency, and this application is for it. Renewed price alerts can come every Ten seconds (Paranoia mode), or set for 1 minute, 15 minutes or 1 hour.

You can work through many exchange houses, including Coinbase, and a weighted rate around the world. The application has almost Two,400 of Two,573 opinions that give it four starlets or more.

11. Alien Run

Alien Run is a Best Bitcoin Earning App spel that requires skill since you will have to go touching the screen to climb walls and avoid obstacles and reach the end of the level. You will understand correctly its operation after several attempts. You will earn satoshis when you finish the level.

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It is an application that causes an influence similar to the Flappy Bird phenomenon but works for players who use it. You win prizes ter bitcoin for flying thesis birds through the labyrinth of poles. You play head to head, or ter tournaments, and send your winnings to any chosen bitcoin wallet. It has more than 88% approval ter Google Play.

13. Free Bitcoin Keno Best Bitcoin Earning App

Free bitcoin Keno is an application to earn bitcoins that will pay you depending on the number of hits you have ter a kleintje of lottery. You will have to choose Ten numbers from 1 to 80, then you will have to give the play, then see a brief ad, and eventually, the lottery will take place. The more hits you win, the more.

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Te conclusion, I think that during the day wij have many dead moments (on the bus, ter the waiting slagroom of a query) that wij could take advantage of and I think the apps to earn bitcoins are the volmaakt solution for those times for three reasons:

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