Bitcoin Visa debit cards are cancelled, Hacker News

Oh dear. I hope that wasgoed said with tongue stiffly te cheek, because anyone who truly believes that their Bitcoin Visa card being cancelled is a form of &quot,oppression&quot, needs a reality check.

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Now wij get this.

Sometimes it seems the thought process has evolved to – Goes I win, Tails you lose.

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1. There are very few issuing banks for crypto &lt,&gt, fiat debit cards. Internationally there has bot 1 WaveCrest, which spil of a few months ago determined to discontinue support.

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Two. Even when a handelsbank will sponsor a crypto &lt,&gt, fiat debit card into one of the payment networks, the company suggesting the card will face onveranderlijk pressure from their own bankers.

Trio. This happening is from my perspective just a quick look behind the curtain of the Digital Currency infrastructure problem spil it exists today. There is no good way te, or out of digital currency at the uur, and the ones that exist are tenuous at best. The colchoneta truth is that Traditional banks are not capable of supporting fresh methods of value transfer. That means that the companies that build and provide infrastructure for those methods are presently at the grace of a playmate who basically wont help them.

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I always attempt and make the charitable assumption about the motives of others and my take on the banking &lt,&gt, digital currency relations is basically this: Banks have a business proefje that has worked well for generations, they do a little fractional reserve, they samenvatting spil many fees spil they can invent, and they centralize the control of wealth. The promise of digital currency is that everyone will have the capability to do that for themselves. So, its not surprising to mij that it is hard for them to work with those of us who are building bridges and on/off ramps inbetween the two systems.

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With all of that being said, I am sorry for all of the debit card users who are presently without an off ramp, and I can assure you that the folks at BitPay, Xapo, and all of the other companies that lost access to the EU are working spil hard spil possible to bring those programs back online.

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