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There are so many forms of employment which don’t require everzwijn meeting face to face, writing, coding, vormgeving, movie creation, editing, translation, and customer service are among the tasks outsourced to freelancers every day. Cryptogrind, XBTFreelancer, and the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit are presently the premier sites where employers and freelancers connect for payment ter Bitcoin. has done all the research you’ll need to determine which freelancing webpagina might serve your employment or employee-seeking needs.


Founded by Richard Macarthy, Cryptogrind matches employers with freelancers, provides escrow addresses to hold payment until job completion, and acts spil third-key mediator te the case of a dispute. The top-earning freelancer on Cryptogrind is “billy,” a developer who offers Bitcoin integration for webstek owners who want to accept cryptocurrency for payment. While billy is the top-earner, it vereiste be remembered that he’s ended only one job, Cryptogrind is fresh and its talent pool is te its early stages.

Unlike marketplaces like Fiverr, which are difficult to rival ter due to price floors and un-advertised add-on charges, Cryptogrind and the others listed here permit employers and freelancers to agree upon their own price for a job. Cryptogrind keeps a 4% toverfee of all escrowed funds.

The service has also taken fine aches to prevent Bitcoin theft of multisignature escrow keys, reporting, “With the use of Knot.js and Bitcore technology, wij access the blockchain directly with no need for hot wallets.”


Employers presently posting at XBTFreelancer include ShapeShift and Coinbase, along with a host of other blogging, development, marketing, and search engine optimization jobs.

The service encourages freelancers to establish “milestones” of set prices with employers. This way, if a job is long and ingewikkeld, freelancers can get paid spil they accomplish each milestone, and the employer can give consistent terugkoppeling that the work is satisfactory.

XBTFreelancer performs the escrow services – similar to Cryptogrind – and keeps 5% of escrowed funds ter fees. The service’s webpagina also features a how-to section for those looking to pay or be paid ter Bitcoin, but who feel unassured about how to embark.


The subreddit Jobs4Bitcoins features both “for hire” and “hiring” posts. An promedio of three fresh posts go up vanaf day, ranging from alpha-tester roundups to collegium students looking to hire out a research paper.

Because the posts live on Reddit, there is no built-in escrow service for employers’ funds to be held for freelancers. Users will likely want to employ a third-party escrow service like EscrowCoin or BTCrow before beginning any work. Moderator of the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit Matthew also offers his own escrow services. Truly technical employer/freelancer pairs could avoid third party fees altogether by just using a 2-of-2 multisignature address inbetween themselves to hold the funds.

Freelancing websites are ample. Just check out the size of the membership of a webpagina like UpWork (a merger of eLance and oDesk) to get a sense of the need for digital outsourcing. And however Fiverr accepts Bitcoin from hiring clients, they do not suggest Bitcoin payment to freelancers – and they keep 20%. Cryptogrind, XBTFreelancer, and the Jobs4Bitcoin subreddit are likely to grow spil more career freelancers learn about the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Did wij miss any Bitcoin-paying freelancer websites? Let us know te the comments below!


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