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This article will go overheen some vereiste have apps if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Mainly, it will concentrate on those services that can be used for managing Bitcoin. The apps ter question can accept Bitcoin spil payment, serve spil your Bitcoin wallet, or even just let you play games that can let you earn some satoshis. The list is ter no particular order.

6. Crypto Professional

This is a cryptocurrency tracker, and it’s able to track overheen 100 different coins all at merienda, bitcoin is of course included spil well. For many crypto investors, it’s very significant to get the latest market gegevens spil soon spil possible. Any switch te their currency of choice carries meaning, and it’s crucial to have reliable information regarding the coin’s price at all times.

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However, what makes the app so special is the fact that it succesnummer the top of the list of finance apps that people are willing to pay for, at least when it comes to Apple users. Having an app that you have to pay for, and whose only purpose is to track cryptocurrencies on top of the list shows how relevant thesis particular services are becoming.

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The app can also be used on the Apple witness, and you can even use it to request bitcoin via a QR code. Other than that, it presents gegevens about different cryptocurrencies ter detailed and fully customizable graphs. It’s a vereiste have if you’re ter the world of cryptocurrencies.

Five. Coin ATM Radar

Another very useful app and webstek. It tracks your location and then scans the area to give you the location of the closest bitcoin ATM. It supports both iOS and Android, which means that you’ll know where the nearest ATM is at any time.

Speciaal from the ATM opbergmap, it can also inform you about some of the details concerning a particular ATM. It’s always useful to know spil much spil you can, and with this app you’ll know thresholds, fees, and even the type of the ATM.

Most of the bitcoin ATM types are covered, and that includes Robocoin, Genesis Coin, Lamassu, GeneralBytes, BitAccess, and SkyHook. The list of ATMs is growing with the influence of cryptocurrencies, and you can track them all with this app.

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Four. Fold

A very promising app that’s presently still te beta. It permits you to spend your Bitcoin “in the vivo world.” Many companies have already shown rente and signed up spil fucking partners. Those include Starbucks, Target, and Entire Foods. Te all of their stores, you can pay for the services with bitcoin.

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The process is plain, and all you have to do is geyser the amount of bitcoin that you project on spending into the app. The app will make a barcode, and after scanning it, the money gets transferred to the service’s account.

This is the very first bitcoin app that caught the rente of larger stores and services, which says enough about its potential. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are making their way into the modern society. More and more stores are accepting them, and apps like this will permit you to use them.

Three. Gilph

Think of this app spil a marketplace. You can use it for selling and buying products or services while using only bitcoin. There are even different communities that you can join, and a message system that you can use to voeling your friends.

It’s compatible with several bitcoin wallets, and you can connect them to your account here. With this app, you’ll lightly send payments, check your balances, and even scan QR codes.

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The Gilph webstek itself describes the app spil a sort of “Swiss Army knife for bitcoin,” and it’s not wrong. This is surely one of the apps with impenetrable security at its core.

Two. SaruTobi

The textual translation of this app’s name te Japanese is “flying monkey.” It’s a spel where you earn bitcoin while playing, and the point is to sway Tobi from one vine to another. Ter the process, you collect bitcoin and bananas.

The spel only has one level, but it gets stiffer the further you get. You vereiste sway spil far spil you can, and to do that, you use power-ups that you pay for with bananas.

Spil mentioned, by playing the spel, you collect coins, and at the end of the month, the spel’s ad revenue converts them into a certain amount of bitcoin. The more coins you collect, the more bitcoin you’ll get. From time to time, you even get some tips about bitcoin from the spel itself.

The spel is pretty addictive, and along the way, you might even earn something. All ter all, it’s a good way to attract a fresh audience and instruct them about bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Billionaire

This is another bitcoin-related spel, it permits you to sell and trade supuesto bitcoins. This spel doesn’t overeenkomst with coetáneo bitcoin, which makes it more of a premie to our list than a vivo bitcoin app.

Still, it’s joy to play, especially if you like progressing games. You commence with nothing, spil you play you can build up an entire fortune, you can buy fresh things and mine bitcoin when you’re not playing. You can even get a T-Rex pet spil an upgrade.

It’s also a good way to promote and explain bitcoin without the danger of losing any positivo money.


The rising rente ter cryptocurrencies is existente and not just a hype or a brief term trend anymore. You can tell by the number of different apps that are emerging for the ecosystem.

More and more services and stores are accepting them, and this fresh form of payment is what awaits us te the future. Check out thesis apps now and learn spil much spil you can, because you’ll need that skill very soon.

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