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The course is suggested at the Certificate Level. It is a total time course of Two years. The course is basically for those candidates who have rente te commencing their career spil primary teacher. It is a career-oriented course. It is a 2- year certificate course which helps the candidates to work spil the primary teacher te government schools after completing the course. They can apply te any of the government schools to work spil Assistant Teacher. Basically, ter every state, there are institutions which are suggesting BTC.

The tuition fees by promedio for Basic Training Certificate [BTC] comes inbetween INR 8,000 to INR 1.Three Lakh for the span of three years.

Admissions for such course are on the ondergrond of counselling after clearing entrance tests like University of Delhi and other depending on the colleges. Check BTC Colleges

Major Job profile and designations for thesis graduates are Nursery teacher, Elementary schoolgebouw teacher, Primary level teacher, Secondary and Higher Secondary level teacher, Special education teacher or Assistant professor Etc. Graduates with this degree have chance for the industries like Nurseries, Schools, Special Schools and Colleges are common places.

The media salary for BTC graduates is around INR Two Lakh to INR Ten Lakh but this can be higher on the voet of practice and other factors.

BTC (Basic Training Certificate): Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course.

BTC (Basic Training Certificate): What is it about?

Basic Training Certificate (BTC) Course helps one ter becoming a teacher. Training is said to be an kunst, which can be gained by a series of activities.

The role of 21st century teachers is evolving everyday with technological revolution seeping into all spheres of life including education. The emphasis on early childhood education has given rise to the request of skilled nursery or Montessori teachers.

There are diverse job opportunities available te this field. Some of the well-known advantages of training profession are-

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  • Respected profession ter the society
  • Chance to aid ter Nation building
  • Financially rewarding

One vereiste have a postbode graduate degree ter a particular subject if he/she wishes to become secondary and senior secondary teacher.

Basic Training certificate (BTC) is two year oorkonde certificate program. The topics covered te the course include procedures and policies designed to train the aspirants.

The students pursuing the course are trained about training abilities, attitudes and behaviors and other aspects that they need to know for the successful vertoning of their basic tasks.

Decent development of students can be ensured only by trained teachers. Teacher instill te the students decent values and principles. Training job is total of responsibilities and challenges. Years of training is pre-requisite for becoming a good teacher. A teacher plays an influential role ter the lives of students.

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Main topics covered ter the course are: Principles of training, psychological fundament of child development, physical education and music, honesto education, curriculum analysis, education evaluation, community education and health education, training methodology, class slagroom instructing etc.


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