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Bitcoin faucet is a mechanism of cryptocurrency distribution te exchange for visiting the webpagina and / or completing various tasks. The visitor goes through the registration process, provides his wallet adress, where bitcoins will be subsequently sent. Instantaneously or after collecting a certain amount, depending the terms of the service.

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Such bitcoin distribution is free. The webpagina shares part of its earnings, monetizing web traffic and clicks on advertisements “hidden” under the button for receiving tasks.

Earnings usually are paid ter satoshi – millionth parts of bitcoin. The number of visits to faucet is limited or the payment calculated according to time spent on the faucet’s webpagina. Spil a result, the user who determined to use this way of obtaining cryptocurrency, quickly realizes the dependence of earnings on the number and speed of visits to many similar sites.

Te order to visit enough sites to get gepast income, people can use two methods:

  1. Surfing the Internet “manually” te search of bitcoin faucet list.
  2. Use of practice and products of thematic communities.

The very first way leads to the loss of time and the danger of encountering unscrupulous bitcoin faucets that accumulate earnings for visits, but do not pay. Due to the widespread hidden mining scam, the “surfer” risks becoming a prey to hackers. They have infected many websites on the Internet with such malware.

Then, the “surfer” will not only earn bitcoins, but also will use resources of his laptop to mine Monero for someone. The virus spreads like malware, so antivirus software can “miss” the threat. And it is unlikely to “figure out” the hidden miner by high CPU usage. Due to the large amount of advertising on Bitcoin faucet sites.

The practice of stable cryptocommunities is more useful. Spil it is concentrated ter one place and tested by the participants themselves. But the only keurig and true way to maximize income from cryptocurrency faucets is to use a Bitcoin faucet rotator.

What is a Bitcoin faucet rotator?

The most enterprising community members who earn money on bitcoin faucets have combined their skill on special open sites. There the list of bitcoin faucets is waterput te the form of permanently updated linksom. It helps owner-organizer to monetize the marketing search. Ter order to justify the time spent on selecting and studying resources that distribute bonuses te the form of Bitcoin, helps to find referrals and to earn on advertising.

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For the visitor, the bitcoin-crane rotator is the most necessary thing for maximizing cryptocurrency income because:

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  • linksaf to bitcoin faucets are located “on one page”,
  • there is a system of filters on the webpagina that sorts faucets by language, the way of withdrawal, the availability of extra services to collect bonuses and by other parameters.
  • service provides a convenient form of packing ter registration gegevens and solving the captcha te separate windows.

Thesis features significantly accelerate satoshi collecting. Permitting user not to be dispersed by the advertising information and pop-up windows on faucet sites. Every verbinding to bitcoin-faucet is provided with schrijven information on the service. Such spil the nuances of its work, periodicity and amounts of payments, and so on.

Rotation benefits or the “the best Bitcoin faucet”

The earnings of a Bitcoin hunter depend on the quantitative measure of the payoffs te Satoshi for the tasks finished. So the community is permanently engaged te the search for profitable faucets.

The possessor of the service, ter an effort to increase profitability and appeal, permanently rotates linksaf, publishes fresh faucets, cleans up the “spent” ones. Due to the extra profits and income from referral programs, he spends much more time on surfing the Internet and is up-to-date with the latest news.

The most profitable are short-term distributions of relatively high payments of cryptocurrency within the during promotions of fresh programs, resources, pools, etc. Therefore, “an outsider”, not hogareño with specialized resources will never find such opportunities.

By adding a profitable faucet to his webpagina, the possessor of the bitcoin crane rotator will take measures to ensure that his efforts will attract users attention. And such cooperation will sometimes lead to enhanced bitcoin earnings.

How to use bitcoin faucet rotator to increase income?

The pay-off size on bitcoin faucets depends on the user’s geographic location determined by the service autómata through the user’s ip-address. By switching it through VPN or Tor to the UK, France or Germany, the “bitcoin hunter” will at least triple his revenue.

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Look for multicurrency rotators, which permit you to samenvatting alitcoins along the way. Do not worry about low price of “bonus coins”, no one knows which coin will subsequently reach the level of “unicorn” – cryptocurrency with a billion-dollar capitalization.

Usually, Bitcoin faucets are “one-day business”, emerging and dying off by the hundreds. But there are companies that have stiffly occupied this niche. Interested te long-term cooperation, they offerande toeslag and referral programs.

If the user determined to receive a growing annual income after a certain period of time, he can build a MLM business monster through the rotator. He have to find reliable service that permits him to create a pagina with his own linksaf to Bitcoin faucets.


Promoting of such pagina of own linksaf te social networks and MLM-scheme with growing figures of income will certainly attract fucking partners and volgers. Because the “network model” brings a loterijlot of customers.

A individual pagina on a rotator is the very first step ter order to become the proprietor of your own service te the future. When it reach the “critical number of referrals”. Referral payments and bonuses will become an ever-growing income source. And kicking off haber for the creation of a webstek when the user sees the benefit of turning his pagina into a separate business.

Where to look for rotators?

Ter the Internet there is no reliable and authoritative rotators monitoring. Therefore the user needs to find the most numerous communities on bitcoin faucets ter social networks.

Traditionally, topics related to Bitcoin, including faucet rotators, are discussed at the BitcoinTalk forums, Steemit blogs and Reddit social network.

The most popular bitcoin faucet rotators

  1. – the best faucet hub, with up-to-date linksom, user-friendly interface and a list of faucets, violated down by types of cryptocurrency. The service provides an chance to explore other ways to earn bitcoin.
  2. – the 2nd most popular webstek on obtaining BTC through faucets.
  3. ifaucet.nipt – webpagina with the possibility to select cryptocurrency to collect and creating user’s own pages with linksaf to faucets.
  4. – a relatively youthfull but well-proven list of faucets distributing digital currency
  5. – a rotator, installed spil a plug-in te the browser Chrome with the possibility of automated cryptocurrency collection.

Based on vivo reviews and descriptions of private practice, the user will be able to select several suitable sites. Searching directly on the Internet will be much longer due to advertising engagement of issued requests. And more risky due to the virus threat.

It is worth to look for rotators on Google Play and AppStore. There users’ rating and the number of downloads can be criteria for selecting acceptable rotators.

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If you determine to embark earning money on Bitcoin faucets, you can not do it without a convenient verbinding rotation service. But there is not enough time to select suitable sites. Since June, the Google search engine will zekering providing such linksaf. YouTube will not publish “crypto-themed” movies, and Facebook will begin “banning” communities associated with cryptocurrencies. Do not delay monitoring, look for vrouwen and services right now!


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