He is joined by 29 other named potential plaintiffs at this stage who ter combination optie almost $400,000 is stuck on the exchange.

December 24, 2018 12:22 pm Ten

One of the thickest crypto exchange has raised noodsignaal bells after users were abruptly faced with a message stating “currency operations not available” when attempting to withdraw, according to users reports.

Worryingly, one user says that an account at Poloniex has received all of HitBTC’s XRP, amounting to around 15 million XRP, worth some $15 million.

HitBTC has not responded to our request for comments at the time of writing, but their twitter account emerges to be active even while many state support is not responding.

A group has already seemingly formed contemplating potential judicial act, with one of them claiming to have reported HitBTC to the UK Police and FBI.

According to information they have gathered, HitBTC is seemingly based ter Hong Kong, with the exchange claiming to have operated since 2013.

“If wij pool our resources wij will have much greater chances to solve the problems than just by ourselves. I noticed hundreds of isolated and unheard HITBTC customer posts on forums, here wij can have a chance to be heard,” a document seemingly written by Cedric Ballet says.

The French man claims to have $55,000 stuck te the exchange, waiting for a withdrawal since December 17th with no response from support.

He is joined by 29 other named potential plaintiffs at this stage who te combination rechtsvordering almost $400,000 is stuck on the exchange.

“ If after submittal wij do not obtain the integrity of the funds and no satisfactory reaction wij will waterput things into motility and forward the case to the competent authorities te HK, Europe and the US,” Ballet says.

HitBTC has bot a somewhat peculiar exchange, gaining some prominence after TenX’s price dropped some 97% after the token wasgoed launched.

HitBTC had bot listing TenX IOUs before the tokens actually existed, leading to a acute fall merienda they were actually launched.

So raising concerns about their practice, complemented further by a somewhat buggy interface, which may have kept many out.

It therefore never rose to be a vooraanstaand exchange, with traders seemingly preferring other crypto exchanges, but some say it is the fifth thickest cryptos only exchange te the world, and if it is the case that some $15 million worth of XRP has bot taken out, then the combined losses might be substantial.

However, that is not confirmed at this stage, but complaints have reached fever pitch, with many understandably worried about the situation.

Update: HitBTC has unequivocally stated “Not a single bit of our clients assets had bot lost since our launch te 2013… Every deposit will reach its destination, every withdrawal will be processed.”


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