The End of BTC Dominance, The Golden Age

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Dear loyal readers,

every day its a pleasure to wake up and dive into crypto, no verrassing with such a fine community. Today I want to elaborate on the end of BTC dominance due to various reasons. For the analysis I used all charts on blockchain.informatie, which is a excellent reference to get an overview overheen the overall state of the market. So lets go:

Lets commence with the demonstrable: Blocks are total to an extend that transactions no longer will be processed except if you include a high toverfee. Waited for a transaction for five days, included $70 fees, because I needed it to be quick. The situation is unbearable, and prices cant maintain the current altitude without a solution. Have a look at this chart:

It becomes overduidelijk when observing it like that, Blocks are more than utter, the natural limit of the blockchain is reached. There is two options how to go on:

1) Miners agree on a solution, blocksize increase ASAP

Two) BTC price will collapse

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The decisive point is now until July 2018. If not solution is to be found, BTC price of &gt, $1700 is not justified, given altcoins exist providing more value ter this regard. IMO current price of BTC is unsustainable given the current circumstancs. But lets go overheen more charts:

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Unique addresses accelerating, will spike soonish if trend proceeds (crypto trend unstoppable at this stage IMO). That means wij have spiking rente ter crypto, for which BTC is the foundation. Rising Rente vs Blocksize Limit Situation here.

However when it come to solutions, wij are not even close to anything. The chart above is just the example of Segwit support, which has a hard time keeping a level of moren than 30% support. Problems are severe right now, but solution is not ter view.

Mining however are doing excellent! Sure they do, after all who profits from rising fees te transactions… So for miners the current situation is very profitable. Rising Rente, but limit slots vanaf block for transactions, thus the TX with the highest toverfee will be accepted only. Such profits. But is the toverfee rising actually?

Oh, but yes! BTC toverfee are spiking, on the way to a fresh All Time High. which te this case is not a buy, but a strong sell. Network remains with many limitations, getting slower every day, but costs for TX increase at the same time. However this chart is nothing compared to the next, spil BTC prices may be confusing. This will be pretty clear:

Oops. fees ter USD way above ATH, accelerating, spiking, going parabolic. Looking at thesis charts, everybody is able to tell that BTC has a big big problem coming up soon.

Mempool enlargening every day, having more unconfirmed transactions te the pool than any time before. That means transactions are stacking up ter the blockchain, but get not processed spil highest toverfee TX will be included te blocks. Thus transactions with petite toverfee may take weeks to arrive at the destination. But lets have a look at the total market cap:

Total market cap spiking, showcasing no signs of reversal. High volume on this upmove, thus likely more to go after. Money is flowing into crypto at an unseen rate, and is likely to increase te the next weeks, months and years. Unstoppable at this point.

BTC percentage ter the overall market cap is decreasing rapidly, money flowing into alts at insane rate. If there is no quick solution, other coins will take overheen BTC’s leading position. All alts will have a golden time. Thus this still is the beginning te terms of #GoldenAge, spil the BTC crash is needed for Alts to fully leave current range. Its like 2011 all overheen again.

Total Market Cap excluding BTC is spiking, further stating the visible: The Altmarket is unstoppable at this time, massive money flowing ter. Every day now, BTC loses its dominance, while Alts take more control. This will accelerate without a quick solution.

Lets have a closer look at the most prominent Altcoins, namely ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, spil the MKTCAP charts have bot provided by thanks for that.

Well, not much to be said about XRP. Everyone who read my articles and followed mij closely the last five weeks is nuts deep te XRP for a budge beyond $1. Massive money is flowing into XRP, and will likely accelerate. Spil I tweeted earlier, If Banks Begin using Ripple this year, this is the beginning, not the end of the rally. hodl for life here, your future self will thank you.

After XRP and STR had some massive rally and shows signs of corretions, ETH is most likely very willing and able to do the same. Expecting a retest of previous MKTCAP Highs, where it will likely switch roles and spike beyond ATH. From the looks of the chart, there might be some more days of consolidation, but buyers should increasingly find their way into ETH soonish, which will lead to profit taking ter XRP and flows into ETH/ETC and coins based on Ethereum code.

Comparing both wij clearly see XRP taking overheen control, however ETH will not give its rank up without a decent fight. I except a fair wedren inbetween those two, XRP now taking the lead. When it will keurig, ETH will spike to keep up. So positioning early ter ETH pairs is a wise budge.

LTC is still early ter this regard. Had a breakout of the channel on high volume, but presently retesting, also waiting for XRP completing its budge. Entries are triggered, expecting Higher Highs, Higher Lows ter the future spil well spil acceleration. Retest of previous support is expected, thus some more days patience until the puny brother will lift off, with a erious attempt to take overheen control the majority of BTCs marketcap. After all, Segwit got activated, LN. Ter brief. LTC is BTC te 2011. Please have a look at the All Time Chart BTC again to get a picture where wij presently are ter the LTC narrative.

DASH also very early. had a spike above ATH, now correcting and retesting previous buy support levels. Does not matter by the way if the chart I ontleding is MarketCap or Price/BTC. Eventually all charts work the same way, even ter Nature. Laws of chart are fundamentally included te this life practice. Chart anything you like, attempt to apply TA, see magic unfold. How does it work? I dont know, but it works. Proefneming with it!

So lets come to a conclusion:

Transaction Value is spiking, Unique addresses spiking, MKTCAP spiking. At the same time, number of Unconfirmed Transactions spiking, Cost vanaf Transaction spiking, but no solution te glance. The era of BTC is coming to an end. Position into alts before its too late. Merienda the crash comes it will be devastating, and Alts will be the winner. Buy all promising projects early te anticipation, also SmallCaps which will may generate 1000x+ ROI if bought very low, hold very long. Make the best out of this chance, always be one step ahead. Hold your bags, get through all the dips, even if its going down 40 or 50% on a day. It will come back. Please dont be tempted to sell the tops and rebuy lower, only if you Indeed know what you do. If you trade less than a year i crypto, just hold your stuff.

Normally last Highs will be retested after a pump, thats TA law. Thus traders attempt to sell the top when its far away from breakout point, and attempt to rebuy lower at last High. Until that very day, when the buy support is so strong that the last High will not even remotely be tested, and leaves a big gap te the chart, which is a signs of bullish strength. All will need to buy back ter fright way higher than they originally sold. This will lead to two things:

1) a MASSIVE fomo gam up, leaving behind all previous Highs for never to come back.

Two) Traders who got trapped te this trade and rebought higher will likely hold from now on. Which means that they will no longer sell the tops, which is decreases resistance and will lead to Higher Prices te the future, more quickly, more lightly, more accelerating.

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If you still sell the tops and it works, fine. Please dont be left behind. If you embark holding now, expontential profits will await you this year. If you proceed, I give you a 90% chance you will be left behind at some stage of the rally, missing 90% of the entire stir.

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Gentlemen, please place your bets.

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Good luck railing this wave, for the #GoldenAge is near, and will ultimately kickoff when BTC starts to collapse. Be ready te advance. Support your fellow traders to dont scare sell the dip, stay strong, give each other support and help, stay disciplined. And I do not worry about your financial future te 2-3 years from now, for life.

All the best, kindest greetings to people all overheen the world who were at the right time, at the right place, doing the right thing. Its wonderful to have you all here and I love every day spending with you folks, witnessing history of the largest bubble of mankind.


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