Since the breakout wij had on Monday to the 6700/6800 Bitcoin has remarkably bot moving sideways again :).

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Let’s keep it plain and plain. Falling Wedge Reversal Pattern &quot,The Falling Wedge is a bullish pattern that starts broad at the top and contracts spil prices budge lower&quot,. BITCOIN IS GOING TO THE MOON! What’s your opinion? Please share on the comment section below. Thanks a loterijlot for reading. Please like, share, comment and go after. Namaste.

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So it has bot a while again since i have written a big story here. Since the breakout wij had on Monday to the 6700/6800 Bitcoin has remarkably bot moving sideways again :). Price movement wasgoed looking fairly strong since that breakout and wij could see some profit taking and selling at the 6700/6800 but then the hack news came out and messed things up again for .

Hi friends! Welcome to this long overdue, update analysis on Bitcoin! Looking at the daily BTC chart, you can see that it’s the precies same chart from my previous analyses ter May. I did add the 78.6% retrace, which wij will discuss, but the same forward projection still applies. You can see that after resistance wasgoed found at the 50 EMA (te orange,) around Five/21, BTC .

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Good morning, traders. Bitcoin did spil expected this weekend and ultimately produced a fresh yearly low. The question is, did this budge set the spring wij have bot discussing? Spil I proceed to remind everyone, the bottom is a process, not an event. The spring is part of this process. Since my diferente Wyckoff chart wasgoed a bit old, and a few individuals have determined to .

Te the previous idea wij anticipated price druppel to 5876 spil the downtrend developed: Presently, there are a duo of technical factors that suggest the bottom has either already formed or is very close to it: There are accomplish 5–wave impulses of minute and minuette degrees on the .

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The Weekly and Daily will be closing right around the time this is being published. Some of thesis charts are messy, but the indicators or trend lines are there for a reason, I am working on simplifying my charts. Looking for some signs of a bottom & there are a few that are leisurely developing. Weekly (Above) Wij are on a crimson 6 with the T.D. sequential spil can be .

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I am going to commence posting a visual guide to Elliot Wave since a lotsbestemming of people ask mij about where they can learn Elliot Wave theory, and many complain about how long it usually takes. So with this I hope I can simplify the theory for you. This theory works very well ter financial markets spil well spil cryptocurrency markets (not /BTC but /USD) Introduction: Elliot .


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